TSL – what does it mean?

Date added: 25.06.2019

Which TSL services should I choose?

TSL – is Transport, Shipping and Logistics. The three pillars of the TSL industry relate to one field, connect and intermingle with each other. However, they deal with something completely different. Each pillar is responsible for another sector of responsibilities, and together they form a coherent whole and carry out their orders reliably and reliably.

What is important in the TSL industry?
In the TFL industry, punctuality is what matters most. Transport of goods, products and food products must be professionally planned, Yes, to guarantee the safety of the transported cargo. The success and correct execution of the order consists of several important factors to pay attention to when planning the transport of cargo.

Determine in what conditions goods can be transported. The temperature counts here, the area on which the products will be located, whether they are cartons or pallets. Some goods can not be transported or stacked on top of each other. Specifying the conditions and specifications in which the goods must be transported belongs to the logistics issue, which prepares specialist information for the shipper.

Finding the right mode of transport. The forwarder’s experience and his knowledge of where the carrier is currently available will be useful here. The Freight Forwarder is looking for a free carrier who works with him and orders transport.

Formation of formalities. Before the start of each transport, we will need a waybill, which is valid throughout the European Union. When the transport is to the Scandinavian countries, the forwarder arranges for the ferry carrier, when the transport is to the countries where it is hot, the forwarder arranges cold stores or vehicles with refrigeration units.

Excellent information flow. The flow of information is very important for transport orders. Therefore, professional forwarding and logistics companies have a system of information flow that is monitored and supervised. Carriers, in a predetermined time, keep you informed about the condition of the cargo, about the current location.

Cargo on site. This is the last stage of handling the transport order, our load has reached the destination, the designated person receives it, we get confirmation and we are satisfied with such a fast order handling.

TSL – it’s people. It’s their qualifications, skills, experience, commitment and passion to find the best solutions that improve the quality of the service. You can check The best TSL company Venture for logistic.