The range of international forwarding

Date added: 29.12.2018

Thanks to the great infrastructure progress in Europe and around the world, ensuring a correct and efficient supply chain is definitely easier than ever before, therefore companies offering logistics and transport services can successfully carry out their tasks faster and more effectively. Not only the network of connections grows, but also the number of logistic centers and warehouses where unloading and loading are carried out around the clock.
A forwarding company, regardless of the number of vehicles available, can have a very limited range and operate only on the local market – most often when it is a specialized transport – or may focus more on mass orders, when it is international transport – loads.

Verification of the transport company

Since planning with details a punctual and completely safe route for a tanker carrying hazardous chemical substances or trucks with perishable animal products – requires very accurate and error-free planning, not all companies are able to adequately meet such an order. Therefore, they decide to transport ADR, you must check:

  • the entity’s right to provide business services in this area;
  • owned technology park and vehicle fleet;
  • certificates;
  • entitlements to provide transport under ADR;
  • the qualifications of employees carrying cargo in accordance with the ADR Regulation.

Only in such a situation can you be 100% sure that the company not only has experience, but also meets all the formal and legal criteria.