International refrigerated transport

Date added: 25.06.2019

Refrigerated transport is one of the most complex processes in the TSL industry.

This includes the carriage of all products that need the right temperature or must be transported with extreme caution.

Logistics services

We offer professional logistics and transport services for loads that need a constant temperature below zero. We run our business throughout the European Union.

Service at the highest level

Over the years on the transport market, we have developed a work system that is ideal even in the most difficult cases. We work with thousands of carriers throughout Europe, thanks to which we can guarantee you the highest level of service.

Do you have a problem with filing documents? Our employees are fluent in English, German and Spanish. They are professionals and specialists in the TSL industry. They will certainly find the best solutions for your company. They are up to date with the latest legislative requirements of EU countries.

Specialized fleet
Carriers cooperating with our company have specialized vehicles that are adapted to transport products requiring the right temperature.

The delivery time is particularly important when it comes to food products. In fact, every minute counts. That is why we control and monitor the punctuality of our carriers.

What products should be transported at controlled temperatures?

Pharmaceutical products – drugs, vitamins under the influence of temperature changes, can change their properties and be harmful to health.
Frozen food – you can not allow products to melt. The room must have a constant temperature below 0 degrees, otherwise the load is thrown away.
Fruits and vegetables – it’s important that they reach their destination fresh without any bruises or damage.
Flowers – are delicate plants that require special care, proper temperature, proper positioning and constant moisture.
Food products – such as dairy products that can not be exposed to external factors, otherwise they can break down.
Fish and seafood – it’s important to overcome the smell and keep it fresh, the right temperature and packaging of products is enough to carry out the correct transport.
Cosmetics – just like medicines, can change their properties under the influence of the wrong temperature.
Waste – the most important thing here is the utilization of unpleasant smell and providing a safe and hermetically sealed container of all waste.

Our carriers constantly monitor the temperature at which the load is transported. They work on the highest quality equipment that can guarantee safe transport to the destination point.