Fundamental rules for the transporting of dangerous goods

Date added: 12.12.2018

When transporting of dangerous goods by road in Poland and on the international market, many provisions must be observed. These provisions are based on the European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road – it is more accurately referred to as ADR transport. ADR contains safety regulations for everyone covered by international forwarding of these goods, eg the carrier is responsible for the transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods, as well as the carrier is also responsible for temporary unloading while awaiting further transport.

Mandatory route for the transport of dangerous goods

An obligatory route for many dangerous goods is obligatory in Poland. In some provinces and towns, an obligatory route where such a Szczecin transport can be carried out is marked with road signs. If you want to leave this route in the municipality, for example for loading or unloading, you must apply to the local council for authorization, otherwise transport of freezers would be illegal in some part.

It is also worth noting that ADR describes the requirements for exhaust pipe cover and safety in relation to electrical components. If you intend to install a soot filter on a vehicle carrying dangerous goods, remember that the vehicle must still meet these requirements.

It is also necessary to fully understand the rules on the labeling of dangerous goods, which are also specified in the ADR. In addition, any vehicle transporting such substances must have well displayed orange identification plates with the appropriate markings.