Detail on the subject of cold storage

Date added: 25.06.2019

Refrigerated transport is one of the most popular transports operated by transport, forwarding and logistics companies. This is certainly due to the fact that many products require transport at strictly defined temperatures. In case of oversight, you can expose all the goods to destruction.

Specialists in refrigerated transport
To prevent any perturbation and oversights, we should trust a professional company that specializes in demanding transports. Oversize, oversized transport, ADR dangerous goods transport and, of course, refrigerated transport.

Efficient refrigeration vehicles
A properly organized and planned supply chain of food, agricultural, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are primarily technically efficient vehicles. Refrigeration vehicles that can travel around the European Union are defined in EU legislation. From year to year, the EU is introducing new regulations to improve road safety. And to minimize the emission of harmful carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Of course, there are several ways to transport products that require the right temperature. Everything is a matter of perfect fit to your needs.

Refrigerator doppelstock what is it?
The doppelstock cold store is a semi-trailer that is equipped with rails fixed parallel to each other. Beams have the ability to adjust the height level. Thanks to this, we can create a “second floor” inside. The second level allows you to create space for loads according to our requirements. The doppelstock semitrailer holds as many as 66 europallets, where with a normal semi-trailer without doppelstock we can fit exactly half, i.e. only 33. It is known that the load must have an appropriate height, only when it is not more than half the height of the semi-trailer. Fruit, vegetables, flowers and other light goods that can break down at too high temperatures are best suited for doppelstock cold stores.

Bulkhead wall
A bulkhead wall is the perfect solution if you need to transport two or more types of goods that require a different temperature. Thanks to the bulkhead wall, we can separate loads from each other and create conditions adapted especially for them. This enables the transport of other loads, with one vehicle, which significantly reduces costs and speeds up the entire transport process.

Cold store hook
The hook cold store is used to transport animal carcasses. Attached to the hooks are safely transported and are not exposed to dirt or temperature changes. Meat and fish spoil very quickly. Therefore, the entire transport must be efficiently organized, and even more efficiently made.