Carrying out transport on request

Date added: 27.12.2018

Not all companies carry out forwarding tasks and international transport within their own organizational capabilities and relatively often there are situations in which it is necessary to delegate this task to an external company. Outsourcing of such tasks is relatively common, especially when it comes to smaller enterprises or specialized transport – eg hazardous substances. When deciding to transport ADR, you have to meet a number of requirements, both in terms of the efficiency of the machines and vehicle safety systems as well as qualified personnel for its operation.

Challenges of international forwarding

Forwarding, especially on long and international routes, also requires proper logistic planning, for example due to limitations of oversized vehicles or ADR on public roads on certain days or hours. The possibility of parking such a vehicle is also limited only to the indicated parking lots and stops, so all these variables must be taken into account when planning the journey and delivery of the cargo, as well as the costs and time of the order.

In international business or global industry, punctuality of order fulfillment and reliability of the supply chain is the basis of logistics, which is also the foundation for running a business, competing, managing a company and achieving its goals. This all shows how important it is not only specialized transport, but also transport for shorter distances or transport of food and food products. The problem with the delivery of an order is always a serious concern for the contractor.